You might want to consider the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials of golfers who are using the simple and easy to learn concepts of the Real Swing Golf Method® to rapidly improve their swing and their enjoyment of the game. I know it will do the same for you! — Ron Sisson

Just like it did for Rob. Below is an email thread between Rob and I that tells the story of his experience with trying to improve his game, getting more and more frustrated after years of dedicated practice, and then discovering the Real Swing Golf Method® and completely transforming both his swing and his love for the gameIN JUST TWO WEEKS!

On 2013-11-10, at 11:25 AM, xxxx.xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com wrote:

Ron, I just want to thank you for the work you’re doing in the field of golf instruction. Your methodology has the ability to really change the face of this wonderful sport! I’d like to think that, someday, the industry will realize its flawed approach of internally-focused golf-swing instruction, and start paralleling the path you’re blazing, by redirecting itself towards externally-focused instruction; a methodology that greatly reduces the learning curve, unlocks the mystery of “how” touring pros reach the level of ball-striking consistency they’re able to acquire, and provides access to that ever-elusive “potential” we’ve all seen glimpses of, within ourselves.

Personally, I’ve been restlessly working on my golf swing for the last 7 years: Hitting the range 5 days a week, playing 2-4 times a week, combing through volumes of online information, being measured and filmed and fitted and tweaked during countless hours in high-tech instruction, from 5 different certified instructors; all to achieve a mildly-successful ability to strike the ball solidly (though doing so consistently, has eluded me). I can’t count the number of practice sessions and golf rounds that left me wanting, and overwhelmingly frustrated by my lack of ball-striking consistency, considering the time and work I’ve put into my game.

And then… I stumbled upon the video, that you released, advertising your ability to instruct Tiger Woods. THE DOOR TO MY POTENTIAL IS NOW WIDE OPEN!!! After only 2 weeks of implementing your basic principle of externally-focused club movement, I’m striking the ball with such purity, such consistency, that the excitement I have about the future of my game is inexpressible. Your methodology IS the key to unlocking the mystery of THE REAL GOLF SWING!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!

Best regards, Rob

(Currently a 4-handicap, bursting with anticipation of realizing my true potential; using MY REAL GOLF SWING!!!)

On Nov 15, 2013, at 12:26 AM, Real Swing Golf <info@realswinggolf.com> wrote:

Hi Rob,

Thank you for your kind words…   It never ceases to amaze me at how fast golfers can improve their swings when they start using the simple concepts of the Real Swing Golf Method®. Such is the power of these principles that I’ve discovered through many years of full time teaching experience.

A quick question – I don’t recall advertising my ability to instruct Tiger Woods.  Can you send me a link to the video that you are referring to? Keep up the good work and I suspect you will be getting to scratch soon.


Ron Sisson
USGTF Golf Coach/President Real Swing Golf

18 November, 2013 8:34 AM, xxxx.xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com wrote:


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I guess I was mistaken, when I referred to you advertising to be Tiger’s instructor. What had happened was, I’d just watched a video of an instructor that actually had submitted a video for that purpose, then watched your 8 part series…  I confused myself by cluttering my thoughts together; you mentioned Tiger’s “learned ability” when he was young, I was then thinking how your methodology could help Tiger find his swing again, but you’d also mentioned an audition (though you were referring to a golf channel instructor audition)…  So I guess I just made up my own reality.  Sorry about that!

Thanks again for your instruction, though!  I continue to have more and more success, become more and more confident, and become better and better at controlling my ball!  I love it! I just had my longest birdie streak ever… last week… 5 in row! I LOVE THIS SWING!  …And I, obviously, can’t express it enough! 🙂 It IS the key that I’ve been searching for! Please keep sharing! Inexpressible thanks!

Best regards, Rob [emphasis added]

Rob is obviously not someone who “plays around at it” hoping that a quick tip or two will “fix” his golf swing with minimal play and practice.  He is obviously supremely dedicated to improving his golf swing and his game.  And yet, after all the years of work that he put into modern, “scientifically sophisticated,” high-tech golf instruction ideas, all he got out of his astounding amount of effort (for a non-tour player) was a “mildly-successful ability to strike the ball solidly…,” that was STILL hit and miss and left him “…wanting, and overwhelmingly frustrated by my lack of ball-striking consistency, considering the time and work I’ve put into my game.”

Then, after watching Ron explain a different philosophy, Rob goes to the range, practices the concepts for a COUPLE OF WEEKS(!), and ends up “… striking the ball with such purity, such consistency, that the excitement I have about the future of my game is inexpressible.”  Then, a week or so later he’s producing birdie streaks that would make tour pros jealous!

Such is the power of the principles that are the heart of the Real Swing Golf Method®!!!

Here is a comment from YouTube…

Ron Sisson has a better way of teaching/coaching. Those fortunate enough to be near this instructor should avail themselves of what he offers.

I play to a nine handicap (self taught) but of late had become disappointed in my game. I watched all of Ron’s videos after stumbling onto his Golf Channel audition clip; watched some of them twice. Didn’t make use of any of Ron’s concepts or teaching for a couple of months… I reached a point of dissatisfaction with my swing about 10 days ago that had me ready to make a change. A tear-down and rebuild of my swing.

I had Ron’s videos book-marked on my computer and gave them yet another look. Well less than a week and a half and I can only tell you each time I go out it gets better. I focus on the club head’s weight, path and speed. I set-up and then think only of swinging freely, fluidly and fast. The last two times out I have been saying “Tick-Talk” to myself as I swing. The results are both remarkable and undeniable. Today (just a while ago) I hit probably two or three of the best shots I have ever hit. A big thank you to Mr. Sisson, Your method is superb…

– I’m Simon

Here’s the most recent testimonial of the effectiveness of

The Real Swing Golf Method®…

Ron, you are 100% correct. I have been working so hard for the ‘technically perfect swing’ – no [early extention], Shallow shaft, bent right arm etc – yet whenever I just swing to the target with zero swing thoughts I play brilliantly. We’ve been brainwashed to believe you have to have the perfect swing instead of looking at the results of our swings. Ah free at last, free at last! [emphasis added]

– John Clancy

Hey Ron,  

I have watched most of your YouTube videos and I feel like I know you somewhat. I would like to thank you for posting your Real Swing videos on YouTube. Today, I finally got a chance to try out your methods of the golf swing. I have to agree that this is a paradigm shift of the normally accepted way of teaching the swing. I could write many pages on what I liked about this method but I found something I didn’t see coming. I was hitting my full shots close to the heel and my chip shots on the toe. I have a 9 handicap and frankly, I’m not sure how I could acheive a single digit handicap when I have not been hitting the center of the clubface. This method improved my bunker, chip and pitch shots as well as my putting. I thought I was a pretty good putter. I was wrong. I was hitting all over the putter face. When I used the weight of the putter head to gauge how hard to stroke the ball and then striking the ball on the dead middle of the center, the putts almost automatically rolled into the cup. I have never tried a swing method that so dramatically improved all aspects of my game.  

I started playing golf when I was 12 and will be 60 soon. Yes, I am one of the “Baby Boomers.” As I said before, I’m a 9 handicap but have been stuck there for several years.  I’m so excited about my game that I can hardly wait to get out on the course. I’m really enjoying hitting the ball so solidly and crisply. 

Unfortunately,  I live near Houston, TX so getting actual lessons from you aren’t possible. Frankly, I don’t understand why your method hasn’t completely changed the golf teaching industry.  Maybe natural simplicity is tougher to sell than difficult biomechanics.   [emphasis added]

Thank you again,

Jesse Blancas

I am a 12 handicap and have been struggling with my game, even after countless lessons , my game has not improved, in fact – the more I practiced , the worse things got.

Came across your 8 part lesson on you tube this past Saturday morning. Watched in its entirety and then went to the range , completely striped 61 of the 70 balls in the bucket! Went out and played 18 holes Sunday morning and shot 76, have not broken 80 in 27 rounds!!!!!

Your method of teaching the game is genius – pure and simple. I did not have to think about weight shift or club position,knees, back or anything!!   Fluidly, fastly, freely, on your toes like the pros!!!

Pure genius approach to the game, so simple it’s almost stupid.

I cannot thank you enough for the information that you have put on the web.   [emphasis added]

John. V  Donangelo Monterey Ca.

Greetings Mr Sisson:

I hope this email makes it to work desk. I’m a 57 yr old retired firefighter from south Florida. I played college baseball and took up golf seriously in my 20’s. I’ve been hooked ever since and have taken lessons from several of the top instructors in south Florida.  I must admit I’m somewhat obsessed with the game and have hit THOUSANDS of golf balls in my life. I’m sure you’ve seen people like myself on the range hitting ball after ball, sticks on the ground, straps around the torso, etc etc.

I’ve just returned from the range, it’s April 12th and I’m watching Jordan & Justin going head to head at Augusta. I’ve not been this excited about a swing concept in my life and can’t wait to get to the range tomorrow just to see if it’s still there!  

Last night I stumbled onto your YouTube channel and watched several of your videos inquisitively. I thought to myself, “Can it be this simple?”  Freely, fluidly and fast..come on…  Today was one of the best range sessions I’ve ever had. I’ll admit, it took about 20 min of trying to loosen my grip, find fluidity and just overall “give up the club”. Amazing how much tension I’ve incorporated into my swing over 30+ yrs.

Your partial happy Gilmore drill of step/swing really exposed my lack of freedom. But it wasn’t long, it finally started to come together. I started “RIPPIN IT”!! Even with the “happy Gilmore” move!  I had a people coming down the range to watch!!  WHAT!!  Yup, happy gilmore step/swing 3 iron 215yds!  Come on..I’m 57, bald, overweight this isn’t really happening is it?  

Anyway I could go on an on..grand kids calling me. Your instruction is BRILLIANT!!  Ever make it to South Florida I owe you a beer Ron…maybe 2😄😄…Thanks again

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I worked through the old paradigm and practice to get to a 16 hdcp  some 30 years ago at 17-20 years old.  I’m just now reentering the sport after 25 years off.  I love tournament play and would REALLY like to turn more folks on to your method.  I’ll go out Friday and test what I’ve learned on another new-to-me course (built in 2000). 

I only found your videos at 10am last Sunday.  Finally got to hit full-swings into a net yesterday and found it humorous how easy it is, then got mad at the old paradigm.  [emphasis added.  Perhaps this is why golfers are frustrated and giving up the game in ever increasing numbers…]  I sincerely do think this can change the face of golf.  [His emphasis, not mine.]

When golf is this easy, it could become like bowling-where regular folks just do it on a whim, rent the equipment and have a good time. Thanks again, I sure hope that you and the sport both grow and prosper from this line of instruction.  Maybe I get to ride the wave too.   I’m in rural Middle Tennessee 50 miles from Nashville (SE)



I have a ton of books and videos and all they did for me is take my eye off the target and the ball so I could be a ROBO golfer! I had no idea how RELAX would help me so much as well as the comments you made about the LIFT tendency. I was able to take what you teach to the golf course the very first time and really noticed the improvement. TICK TALK and away I went. How simple is that. Just wanted to give my feedback to a great golf method. I’m in Palm Springs, CA now but originally from Montana. If you ever have a school down here let me know. Thanks!



I stumbled across your YouTube videos and love what you are doing!  I am very interested in learning more. Do you offer lessons online? I would love the opportunity to expose more people to your teachings!  Canada is kind of a far trip but the people need access to your knowledge. It is revolutionary! Best,


Hi Ron

I really like your approach and have already found a huge change in my swing following your mantras. Why not think about the club head!? It makes sense and I’m afraid that many PGA pros [prevent people from developing their natural swing by having them overthink swing mechanics.] Thanks


Hi Ron,

Just a quick email to say thanks for sharing your knowledge on YouTube. I’ve been playing golf for the past fourteen years(started when I was 31) and have never hit the ball as well as I am now. The only other person who I’ve heard call golf a fine motor skill is AJ Bonar. In the past I have got caught up in all the big muscle stuff as we are told to do and it never works. Really enjoying the game again. Kind Regards,

– Rod

Hi Ron,

I have to give you a big thanks for your simple but innovative approach to the golf swing.

I will try to give a quick summary: I have been playing for about 20 years Handicap fluctuates between 12 and 14 Have good hand/eye coordination Have applied an analytical/technical approach to the golf swing.

Each November (for the last 15 years) myself and 11 mates go away for of weekend of golf similar to the Ryder Cup format.  It’s a fantastic event and the highlight of our golf calendar.  Maybe twice in those 15 years have I played at or above my capability. Last year my warm up on the range on Day 1 was fine, first 12 holes were fantastic and then fell in hole.  Day 2 on the range was a struggle and then 18 holes of pain.  How could you play 12 great holes and then 24 terrible holes?

So I returned home with a goal to change my approach.  The sole reason I clicked on your video was because my son was studying at University of Calgary.  We visited Calgary about 18 months ago and I think it’s about as far from our home in Western Australia that you can get.  

So by chance I got to watch your videos and have been applying your simple approach for six months.  Last week my handicap was down to 9.5.  A single digit handicap has been a 20 year objective for me so I have a 0.1 reduction to go.

Obviously playing well helps your enjoyment.  But even when I have a bad round it’s not such a downer …. I don’t have to go through the detailed analysis of what went wrong with my body or swing that resulted in such a bad round.  It’s simply that’s how I swung the club head for that round.  So a high level of enjoyment over 20 years has further increased over the past 6 months.

I am not a long hitter but I am hitting it further.  I also have less physical strain each round or practise session by removing the focus on getting body parts to move or be in certain positions.

So big thanks for your swing method, I am a very appreciative believer.



Hi Ron…

Was struggling with my swing despite taking endless [traditional swing mechanics oriented] lessons. Found your YouTube videos while I was actually searching for how much weight you should keep on your front foot.

Have been playing the last two weeks just picturing the shot and not trying to manipulate my body; your new paradigm. Playing better than I ever have!

If you are ever in Ohio I owe you a round at our country club and some beers.

All the best!

Troy Beros

Hi there, i was just scrolling you tube and hit on your instructional vids. I am so excited to get to the driving range and try this out. This is brilliant. i don’t live in the box, so this makes total sense to me. Wish you all the best and thanks for taking the time to assist others and sharing your genius so freely.


Hi Ron,

I felt compelled to send you an email and express my gratitude to you for switching on that light in my head.

I have been watching your videos on YouTube and for the last couple of weeks, putting it into practice. It has totally transformed my swing and I am now looking forward to every game.

I am one of those golfers who has over the years been constantly battling trying to find a consistent reliable method of swinging the club but with limited success. What you say makes total sense and I am convinced more people would enjoy this game if they would only adopt your method.

It is so refreshing to know that I only have do what you advocate to play decent golf and not have to go round in circles looking for a new method, it simplifies the whole game.

Once again thanks very much and I wish you all the best for the future and hope you can transform the game for many more golfers which surely must be very satisfying for you.

Thank you

Antony Jones UK

I have to say thank you once again Ron for your Real Swing Golf Method®. It’s unbelievable!

It puts me in the right frame of mind on the course and on the range and I’m noticing over time that my hand eye coordination skill is improving. I have searched every method under the sun and tried everything but your Real Swing Golf Method® has been the best by far!

I have a tournament on Saturday and I can’t wait to hit jaw dropping shots. I’m notorious for switching methods and clubs and swing thoughts but I’m gonna stick to your Real Swing Golf Method® for the rest of my life.

If you don’t mind I’ll throw you an email once in a while to tell you my progress… Thanks again and hope the best for you and your family.

Richard Paradis

Dear Mr. Ron Sisson,

I am intrigued.  After stumbling into your videos on YouTube, I decided to try your technique with bowling, only because I was scheduled to bowl sooner than I was scheduled to play golf.  I bowl in a league with a 136 average.  Each week we bowl 3 games in competition.  The first game I bowled 172 (that’s very unusual for a 136 average to do).  The second game I bowled 152, still pretty darn good for a 136 avg; but more in the real world.  The last game I fully committed to your thought process and bowled 210!  (Hopefully they won’t kick me out of the league.  Sandbagging occurs there too 🙂 I think your discovery of how physical activity really works is revolutionary.  What floors me is that I’ve been looking for the secret to golf for 43 years in every book and video I could find; and I’ve never seen this understanding of the whole process anywhere. I can’t thank you enough…

From a real admirer,

Joe Blankenship

Hi Ron,

My game hit rock bottom, and I was searching the Internet for help and came across your You-tube series.  I watched every one of your videos.  This was a tremendous help.  The focus on mechanics was getting me nowhere.  By instead focusing on the free, fluid and effective swing within me, I was able to make the necessary adjustment and start hitting good shots again, without worrying about what my knees, shoulders, hips, arms, etc. were doing.  (They were doing what they needed to do to hit good shots.)  My wife, who doesn’t play golf, kept telling me to stop changing my swing and dwelling on mechanics, and just play and have fun.  She’s not one to say “I told you so,” but I’m sure that is what she is thinking! Thanks,

Jim Beck

Dear Mr. Sisson (Ron), 

Just wanted to share a few things you might find interesting.  I’m a retired carpenter and last year decided to resume my golfing interests but with a lot more serious effort.  Through these past winter months, I was able to study the internet and even hits balls since our winter was unusually mild. (very western n.y. area).  Your videos/advice were of tremendous help – no joke!  Your presentations run the gamut of adjectives and after a while, it felt like I knew you as a neighbor/friend.  The stuff you shared simply made sense-period!!  Yet funny at the same time and I can assure you I laughed out loud on many occasions.  You are to be applauded and whenever I get off track, I go to your videos to get back to where I should be.  So thank you for making my little golfing world a better place since golfing is a heck of a lot more fun when the ball is struck correctly, even if it doesn’t end up exactly on location. I can handle that.  Have a wonderful year Ron.  Sincerely,

Steve Harp

Hi Ron, 

I have seen all your videos on your website and find it much easier to swing the club and strike the ball. I’ve been around the mulberry bush of golf instruction from Hogan to Moe Norman and Jack Kuykendall. I like your method better because I don’t think about anything but Swing clubhead freely, fluidly, and fast, and Strike ball with swinging clubhead. It’s pretty simple… And, at age 80, it’s much easier to swing your way than the way I have been swinging. Thanks again,

Dick Gordon


I don’t think I can look at another golf mechanics video! And I am trying to figure out what to do with all my practice time if I am not trying to hone my mechanics! Your method is fantastic, and results are immediate. And it is way more fun, even when I hit bad shots, because I am not looking for a swing mechanic to blame… Thanks so much for your videos. I can’t wait to play golf later today.

[Tom followed up a few days later with the following ‘light bulb moment’…]

Been golfing for 40 years (63 years old – 6.4 index) and this weekend I think I felt the weight of the clubhead for the very first time. I thought I was holding the club loosely, but I guess I could go more freely, fluidly and faster. Problem now is I need to recalculate club distance, because I am 10 – 20 yards farther … with all my clubs. [emphasis added]

Thanks again for your YouTube videos. Most helpful lessons I have every received.

One last thing. In my groups this weekend, I feel like the suddenly sober guy having to tolerate 3 drunks … blaming their body parts for mis-hits. All I could do was smile. Later, I shared your videos with them. Interested to see if they have the same epiphany.

– Tom Dupont


I just wanted to say thank you for your information and instruction. Golf is so much more enjoyable for me now that I hit the ball on the sweet spot semi-regularly. I have 4 kids and don’t get to play much (just 4-5 times a year), but I do make time to practice.

Since I started learning your concepts, my scores have plummeted from 105-115 down to 87-92. I never thought I would break 90.

It was more than just my improved ball striking, I have been learning course management from a friend who is an outstanding golfer, but the enjoyment of striking the ball well and getting consistent contact has made course management possible.

Anyway, thanks from Southern California. 


Mr. Sisson

I really wanted to thank you for your videos on the Real Swing. I have been playing golf for some time now, also watch a ton of videos and have read thousands of articles. In all the articles and videos, you have said what no other so-called expert has talked about. The actual club head meeting the ball and where said club head should hit the ball. We as people are all different shapes and sizes and our swing mechanics will all be different. But that aside, that connection between club head and ball, or the sweet spot as I like to call it, will never change.

Thanks for the videos, Please make more!

– Frank

Hi Ron,

Came across your videos today and everything makes perfect sense. Just to validate, I went to the range, hit my irons(5, 6, 7,  9)  and for the 1st time, I heard the “ Crisp and Clear “ ball contact! Wow! It’s really amazing how a mindset change can make such a difference.  Thanks and Regards, 

Archie Cabildo Philippines

Hello Ron,

A little over a year ago I came across your videos on YouTube and decided to put some of the principles in play – primarily loosening my grip so that I could really feel the club head.  I’ve been golfing for about 25 years and have played a best score of 76 with typical scores in the mid 80’s (low 90’s on a “real track”). I was familiar with the Ernest Jones “swing the club head” philosophy but there didn’t seem to be a lot of adherents, so I never paid much attention to it. 

Well, I was at my cottage in northern Ontario last summer, and after watching a bunch of your videos, decided to try swinging the club head. I played two back to back rounds on courses that I previously had real difficulties playing. Both are 9-holers with dime-sized greens (par 36). Neither are particularly long or tight, but I’d never scored better than 42 on either course in more than 40 or 50 rounds played. In those two rounds I shot 39 on both courses; hit the ball out of sight (with old-school blades nonetheless); and hit a 3-iron from an elevated tee about 230 yards. I was stunned!  With no other alterations to my stance, grip, alignment , I absolutely flushed the ball.

When I came back to Toronto that type of ball striking continued and when I used my Taylormade Rocketblades I gained a full club’s distance through the bag. 

Needless to say, I’ve kept working at swinging the club “freely, fluidly, and fast”, and continue to “strike ball with swinging club head.”


Stefan Kerry

I am 68 yrs old and I am in excellent shape and have no physical limitations. The fact that I am 68 does not deter me from wanting to becoming a better golfer. I have gotten worse as the years have gone by. I must admit I have been obsessed with positions in golf, and obviously that method is not working.

I came across your videos and it really intrigues me. I went to the range after going thru one and attempted to apply some of your principles. After a couple of tries, “Whoa!” I hit a ball so far with my driver I thought that kind of distance was not possible anymore. The shot traveled at least another 30 to 40 yds in the air beyond what I normally carry the ball!


Mark A. Leffers

Hi Ron,

I have been viewing your youtube videos (think I’ve seen all of them now) and am so impressed with your teaching method. I am 78 years old. I had not played for 2 years due to illness and prior to that I had played to a 16 handicap after 35 years of play. Not very good I know, but easily better than the average weekend golfer.

After recovering from my illness however I tried to continue where I left off, but what a nightmare! It was like I’d never played the game before, topping or skulling every shot. I thought I was finished with golf forever.

Then just 2 weeks ago I happened across your youtube videos and thought this looks so easy . I grabbed a club and started swinging in the backyard without a ball, just concentrating on swinging the clubhead. After a couple of days of this I went to the driving range and was quite astounded at how solidly I was hitting the ball. I now can’t wait to get back on the course, after having mentally quit the game only a month ago….

I think your method is so good that it deserves much wider exposure.


Hi and Thanks! I watched literally all of your YouTube videos, and after 20 years of golf, my game changed overnight. I was stuck in a rut that had me seriously considering quitting the game that I had devoted so much time to, and it seemed like such a waste. I’m not anywhere near as consistent as I’d like to be, but now I’ve seen a light at the end of the tunnel at least. …I need to unlearn 20 years of positions etc, and just trust my ability to strike the ball. Thank you! You’ve already made a significant impact on my game, and now I at least have a path to follow. Thanks for your time, and your considerable efforts to positively, honestly impact the game, instead of making more convoluted, perplexing and borderline impossible instructional videos. I genuinely appreciate it…

Rob Hostetter

Dear Ron,

As a golf tragic, I have tried numerous different techniques over the last twenty years to achieve a reasonable and enjoyable golf swing. I ended up with a terrible swing as I was continually “thinking” about technique (as an example, a tip from a golf magazine that I had read the previous day!) and ended up not enjoying myself and wanting the game I was playing to end as soon as possible.

I had a suspicion that the method of letting the swing put the body into the correct positions was the way to go, tried it and found it had merit, then dismissed it because ‘that was not the way most Pros taught it.’

Over the last week, I have tried your method and am very happy with the results — THANK YOU!


Leon Stevenson Australia


My name is Joe Homick. I found your videos yesterday on YouTube. I only watched parts 1 and 2. Then I hit a few foam practice balls in the yard but it was quite windy. So before my round today, I hit about 15 balls on the range trying to emulate your method. I hit the ball fairly well and decided that I would swing only that way for the whole round. My handicap index is 12.2… I wound up shooting a 78 on a par 71 course. When I posted my score, the differential was 7.1. And it seemed so easy! I could not believe how straight I hit the ball, especially with my 3 hybrid which I was ready to throw away… Just wanted to let you know and thank you.


Dear Ron,

My name is Kevin Wright. I live in Indiana. I saw a few of you youtube videos and your approach to the golf swing made a lot of sense. So I purchased your instructional video.

I’m glad I did. After watching it a couple of times and digesting the information I spent some time working on the “free, fluid and fast” swing. I did not realize how much tension I had in my swing. I’m 57, in good shape and a bogey golfer, I could not figure out how my irons were never the distance that I thought they should be.

I have read dozens of books, had lessons, and viewed hundreds of videos all in an attempt to play better golf. I believe that 90% of the instruction I have trusted to “fix” my swing has been bulls**t.

Using your methods I have just had two of the best driving range sessions of my life! I am compressing the golf ball as never before and getting better distance. It is such a satisfying feeling when I hit it pure. I still hit some stinkers, but I am still developing my club head skill and it is getting better.

I just wanted to let you know how your instruction has helped me. Thanks and keep putting out those videos! I am a believer in “the real swing”!

Kevin Wright Indiana

Let me interject quickly here…

Are you starting to notice a theme?

More distance. Straighter shots. Lower Scores.

And above all else:

Pure, dead on the money, flush crisp contact!

You know, that indescribable feeling that hooked you on the game in the first place.

Would you like to get that feeling more often?

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Steve Yellin’s book, Fluid Motion Factor touches on a lot of what Ron talks about here. Paralysis by analysis applies to many golfers and Ron is addressing this. Being too self aware of what body is doing is no way to play golf or any other sport. Raymond Floyd has said if he had played with NO SWING thoughts, he would have won more. Hubert Green, Azinger, Floyd, Palmer (Arnold, not Ryan), Bubba Watson, Furyk and Fowler are all but a few that deviate from textbook mechanics and figured it out themselves, swing club, hit ball. Ron is a true visionary….

– Tony C

I used this mentality today and shot my best game ever, parred 4 more holes than I’ve ever parred before! All I thought about all day was just hitting the ball and not how far I wanted it to go, and almost every iron shot went dead straight and right on target, it was so gratifying! I couldn’t have asked for a better game today. Thanks for the tips!!

Joseph Hudson

When I figured out the real swing by studying and watching the old greats, I was astounded. And you are absolutely correct about the minuscule amount of people in this world that actually understand [the science behind your concepts]. That’s why I feel mechanical golf swings falter under pressure whereas the natural motions prevail (snead, hogan, butch harmon’s tiger, etc). i appreciate you for making this video – I must say you have the best understanding of any other teaching pro I have ever seen.

S smoove

I’ve always felt that these methods were the resulting “bio-mechanics” of people who had an ability to put club-head on ball, but then put the cart before the horse and claim it was their body positions that created their great swing and not their hand-eye coordination.

Juan Rangel

Thanks Ron. From someone who took up golf at 35 (im now 50), these were the missing concepts for me.  I can’t believe how much it’s helped me (with my short game also).  I have a good understanding of the mechanics, but now I’m refocusing on the club head: swinging it freely fluidly and fast, and of course delivering it back to the back of the ball.

Dave Michon

When I figured out the real swing by studying and watching the old greats, I was astounded. And you are absolutely correct about the minuscule amount of people in this world that actually understand [the science behind your concepts]. That’s why I feel mechanical golf swings falter under pressure whereas the natural motions prevail (snead, hogan, butch harmon’s tiger, etc). i appreciate you for making this video – I must say you have the best understanding of any other teaching pro I have ever seen.

S smoove

I’ve always felt that these methods were the resulting “bio-mechanics” of people who had an ability to put club-head on ball, but then put the cart before the horse and claim it was their body positions that created their great swing and not their hand-eye coordination.

Juan Rangel

Incredible.  Thank you, Ron.  I watched the 8 pt. video before making it here to post a comment.  I had to drop my ego a little bit to be able to hear what you say about swinging the club being easy, but I’m glad I did.  When you described the experience of warming up, hitting good shots, getting on the course and hitting a few nicely….then hitting one poorly and suddenly thinking about swing mechanics and becoming so frustrated that the rest of the round was ruined until I stopped caring about trying to swing properly…..that was my AHA moment.  How did you KNOW???  This has changed my mind about golf forever.  I realized I could never feel the club head’s path because I was gripping the club so tightly, trying to control every position throughout the swing.  Now I can relax and enjoy myself.  Truly, swinging with relaxed hands and feeling the arc of the club head is an amazing feeling.  I hope you are getting joy and fulfillment as a teacher still after 25-30 years.  Your instruction helped me break out of the loop of endless mechanical thoughts and frustration.  I was not following my natural athletic intuition until you reminded me that that’s what it’s all about!

Gerrit Work

A few day’s ago I read the book “Swing the Club Head” by Earnest Jones. That same day I found this video series by Ron Sisson. All I have to say is WOW!!!! Thank you so much Ron. I went out and played nine holes and my score dropped by five strokes. But more importantly for the first time in a long time golf was simple and FUN. It actually felt like a fun, relaxing pleasant game for the first time ever. I didn’t hit every shot perfectly. But I hit a lot of good, solid shots that felt great coming off the club head. Once you’ve mastered this, and you want to be a tour player go ahead and dive into all the technical stuff. But for the recreational golfer??? This is a great approach. Thanks again Ron!! You just made golf fun for me.

Fred Jones

Found Ron on Sunday, got to try real shots today.  SO EASY!!!  I have no doubt I’ll be hitting “Happy” shots within a week or two.  “Walk-ups” are easy enough.  Can’t wait to get on the range proper with this approach.  FTR I was 16 hdcp in my late teens and took  the last ~20 years off.  Started back last week.  I used to have to think to “set up” fades and other ball work.  Now just think and SWING!

Wade Patton

Great stuff here, golf is the most over taught, over analyzed thing in the world and all of Ron’s videos are true gems in a world of coal! Thanks Ron!

Tony C

Best instructions ever. Easier to understand. Helping others to enjoy the true game of golf. The way it should be played. You should write a book to share for the generation to come. Thank u so much!


Ron…thanks for sharing. Best approach to swinging the club, in my opinion, I have ever seen. Very similar to the Ernest Jones’ method, except another simple way of thinking How To Do It.

Jim Baker

100% agree. I am now practicing with very relax arms and low grip pressure. And yes, I have made several great shots in my golf career. That feeling of the clubhead and swing is amazing.


You changed my game! I shot 89 yesterday after switching grips and today I shot 77 by just loosening up and just thinking about swinging rather than other things such as keeping my head still. Thanks!


You sir you, you sir, you’re good. 5 years thinking in golf 20 hours a day. really obsession about the swing. I broke more than 10 clubs in frustration. same days I couldn’t even lift the ball of the ground because I had paralysis by analysis. Your first video was the answer (10 years old kid) I love it. Now I going to play with my 16 handicap and I enjoy like a 10 years kid. and when I hit a bad shot I gave the same value as a 10 years kid would gave to it. I don’t know how say thank you.


You’ve just instantly become my new favorite golf instructor………… very unique and a bit zany and definitely talking my language……….. thinking mechanics and ‘tips’ ruined my game until I grabbed a 3 iron blade and retrained myself to take full, fluid, smooth SWINGS! I would love to put you and Moe Norman in a room together…… I’m sure it would be interesting.

Timothy Frost

I know I have a good, fluid and fast no-ball practice swing, but I can rarely put it on the ball. After more than 35 years of play, I’m still stuck around 16 index. I have read and re-read “Swing the clubhead” by Ernest T. Jones, and he says to do it, but not how to do it. That heavy circle image of yours is very compelling. Thank You Ron! Finally, golf instruction that speaks to me!


I am amazed at how easy you make this sound. Can’t wait to get the dvd after watching all 8 videos in the series. Here’s to hoping you do some clinics in Florida, or become the next Golf channel instructor and spend some time in Orlando so I can get lessons.


Wow!  This method is truly amazing.  After having watched a few of your videos, thought about the principles a bit, and spent 5 or 10 minutes swinging a club around in my living room, I went out to the golf course and played a round.  It was almost unbelievable how much better I played with about a quarter of the effort.  For the most part I was hitting straighter and longer than I ever have.  Most significant of all for me is how much more cleanly I was hitting the ball.  When I did happen to fade a drive or pull an iron, I just focused on the path of the club head and everything was back to amazing on the next hole.  Golf suddenly got really, really fun again!

Brandon Pfeiffer

Wow! This really worked for me at the range today. Best contact I’ve ever had. I still hit a bunch of fat and thin shots, but I hit a lot of shots that were much better than what I normally hit and I felt so relaxed.  I’m going to keep trying this.

Joel Van Ginkel

Thank you for getting these videos out. It really is that simple! just feel the clubhead weight and try to get better at letting it swing freely without influencing it. Much like a swing or a pendulum. When I learned this I went from shooting mid 90’s to mid 70’s within a week. I ended up getting such a good feel of the swing, I can go a year without touching a club and still shoot low 80’s upper 70’s.


Ron, what you are teaching is an absolute gas. I love your 10 year old one armed swing. I’m sure I won’t agree entirely on mechanic issues, but what your are teaching should be part of every swing, regardless of mechanics. Swing! Feel that club head and swing!

Pure and Simple Golf Swing

Hi Ron, you are the best swing coach I have ever seen. It’s great to see so many golfer are enjoying golf under your instructions


I always come back to this when I get bogged down with a Head full of mechanics! The only Head I should listen to on the course is the Club Head! Haha


One of the best I’ve ever seen. Please go on Ron.


I must have hit 1,000,000 balls in the last 20 years but have never hit them as good as after watching this video. You really have given me a new game. THANK YOU


Excellent.  Excellent.  Excellent. This is exactly the way I approach the game.  I wish more teachers would focus on this, instead of all the bio-mechanical [theories].  Ernest Jones was the first one to realize what you’re saying, and his book Swing the Clubhead is an excellent read.   Keep the videos coming!

Jordan Shepherd

Best lessons ever. All I think about is balance, and seeing the ball flight

Paul Wiles

Your approach to “swing freely” is really terrific, love the philosophy of it and yes, it is in many ways very constructive!

Adam Grym

I’m glad I stumbled across this [approach]. I’m a ice hockey player myself down here in the States and know I’m comfortable with a stick in my hand. My problem has been the ‘old paradigm’ [focusing on swing mechanics] mentality. When I play ice hockey, I’m not thinking of my form when I take a slapshot. My focus is just to strike the puck as hard as possible with one, fluid motion and put it where I’m aiming at. Why not the same in golf?


I watched your video yesterday. I am a 12 index and I used your method, “see ball hit ball” on my round yesterday. I normally shoot an 81-86 on the course I played. Using your method yesterday I shot a 76. Thank you for teaching me to relax and letting my mind control my body. What a concept. Thank you David in Sun City, AZ

David Helm

I just found your videos and I’m really enjoying them. I’ve taken a few lessons and usually end up playing worse after the lesson. I like the way you keep it so simple and intuitive. I tend to hit the ball fat. I never made the obvious connection that I am simply swinging too low. I also have a tendency to shank the ball… so apparently I’m simply swinging too far outside. The whole “freely, fluidly and faster” approach is also helping me to generate noticeably better clubhead speed. Thanks!

jeff wilkins

Hundreds of books & videos (and a few in person lessons) have all proved to me that the study of moving the body with the intent of manipulating a particular muscle or joint in a prescribed manner with only fractions of an inch for acceptable tolerance is just silly. The brain does all of what is required if we have the proper intent with enough repetitions to build the skill… You are spot on.

I’m Simon

Hi Ron. I think that your method and videos are absolutely brilliant. Thank you for sharing your gift of knowledge with us. I am a self-taught golfer who has been playing the game for about 6 years, currently a 13hcp, but never making lasting improvement and constantly struggling with inconsistency … I have been the epitome of that golfer you have so eloquently described- the one who tried and tried to figure out the right positions for my stance, posture, where my hands were supposed to be at the top of the backswing, which part of my body should start the downswing, [etc…]. As a result, golf had gotten to the point where it was no longer fun, just frustrating.

I was actually thinking about quitting when I came across your videos… I’ve heard other instructors emphasize staying loose and relaxed, but you are the first one I’ve ever heard say that the focus should be on the CLUBHEAD hitting the ball. I have since tried your method twice on the range, and was hitting some of the PUREST shots I’ve hit in years… It truly is revolutionary to think of focusing on the clubhead and letting your body respond to what the clubhead is doing as opposed to focusing on your body and trying to make the clubhead respond to what the body is doing.


I first took up golf about 2 years ago. I came to it as a complete novice and simply tried to hit the ball, trying to remian loose on the shot and do what felt natural, simply using hand eye coordination. I made good progress and would hit a few good shots here and there and got hooked. Then I ran in to problems (combined with a lack of patience!) and started slicing (this was ever more apparent with the longer clubs). I tried to sort the problem out by watching lots of different instructional videos that all had different solutions, none of which worked. One of the side effects of this was that I ended up over focussing on the technical minutae of what I was doing, rather than simply trying to hit the ball. The outcome of this was that my learning curve took a huge nosedive and I actually got worse rather than better! I recently had a couple of lessons which identified a flaw in my swing (I was tipping rather than swinging round). Once this basic foundation had been re-laid, I then came across your videos. The last time I went down the range I tried to put in to practice the fast, flowing, fluid swing you talk of and simply trust my subconscious to connect properly with the ball. I had THE BEST session I’ve ever had and hit a lot of really solid shots!! I’m hooked again! Still hit a few duffers here and there, but didn’t obsess over what I was doing ‘wrong’, I just tried again! Thanks Ron 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hi I’ve been playing for just a year. Had lots off lessons and was doing all right until recently when I started hitting some duff shots. And then the inevitable self diagnosing. It was just starting to get me down and making it not fun. Then i came to find your [YouTube Videos] and without much practice beat my best at my local course a 44 instead of a 49.

martin sanderson

Love it, hitting the ball is so simple!

Daniel Diggins

I tried your technique of just concentrating on the club head with a relaxed loose grip and just forgetting about what any part of my body was doing. I then hit balls with my eyes shut , then just with my right hand. I then just walked up to the ball and just hit it from where ever I happened to be standing. This was the most fun I have ever had at the range. The balls just flew down the range. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


After 3 years of lessons to optimise my body mechanics and watching endless instructional videos, it is liberating to understand from watching and listening to your explanation why I hit my best shots by having an external focus on where I want the ball to go and a subconscious approach to what my body is comfortably doing whilst keeping the club light and swinging through. I can only conclude all the mechanics stuff is best done without a ball!

Richard Haddon

Ron……..I have watched your videos with great interest and have come to the conclusion that you have made me realise that I have been thinking about the ‘bio mechanics’ of my swing and not just ‘swinging’ the club head freely fluidly and fast for the past 40 YEARS!!!!!!!!. I have been gripped with ‘Paralysis by Analysis’. I took your swing thought philosophy to the practice (or is it practise?) ground and in 60 balls, did not hit ONE pulled shot which has been my nemesis for years and years. NOT ONCE did I think about ‘coming over the top’ at the start of my downswing or trying to start my downswing with my hips etc etc etc. My partner has just started to learn the game and we are DEFINITELY going to use your phylosophy……..With excitement and anticipation. Thank you so much for this ‘EUREKA’ moment……….how do we vote for you……..it’s a no brainer not to. Thanks again!!! Derek and Claire

Derek Blundell

I started golf 10 years ago..have been practicing, watching and studying swing mechanics almost everyday …watched so many videos n tubes…just tried almost every single drill that exists in the golf world and every swing thought you can imagine…but this is the best teaching videos I’ve ever watched…just hit the ball and the body will follow…now I am hitting good shots and the feeling of the mechanics follows after the swing…2nd shot instead of trying to duplicate the mechanics, I just swing freely again…the result and the body feeling after will tell you if you are swinging freely or not…now I try not to think about the body on course..

Dawes He

The most interesting opinion of what constitutes a good golf swing I have ever listened to. Great videos. Thank you.


This guy talks more sense about the golf swing than any coach I’ve watched and I have watched a lot.

David Neilson

Finally found a video which makes complete sense. Great work!

Many Chandna

Thank you so much for these life changing golf videos.  You are really the man.

Rex Hoang

There is an undeniable thread of logic that flows through your concepts; not so with the thousands of “Position Instructors”. Having as little as one or two degrees of angle change or 3/8’s to a 1/2 inch of vertical or lateral movement take a swing from good to bad… proves that positions taken at address are not the key, nor are positions passed through! Building the skill (club face to ball contact) is best gained by first proper intent and second by repetitive execution (with feedback).  There is a fellow that posts on Youtube showing his unique swing (which produces 300 plus yard drives) he attained his skill by bouncing golf balls off the face of various sledge hammers! It gave him strength and a very high level of hand to eye coordination. Thanks for your well presented information…

I’m Simon

Thank you very much so far. This series of videos you are putting together are a revelation. I watched the first one & the next day on the range I ‘freed’ myself & hallelujah! I too had become bogged down with mechanics which had the affect of slowing down my potential swing swing speed and increasing the anxiety of getting a good strike, which had the affect of slowing me down even more!  Brilliant, looking forward to watching the next one & I shall be spreading the word. Thanks again, Baz, U.K

Barry Oakland

Well not sure if you read this, but here goes anyway…bought golf clubs some years ago, try this game out, got mad…went for lessons – then tried it again….got really mad then sold the clubs….after a few years I got more clubs – okay now I WILL get this thing right….Well, I went for more lessons….downloaded clip after clip, on how to hit the ball/connect the ball/ make contact….whatever….there has to be a way, it can’t be that difficult – friends of mine would say keep your head down, you coming through to fast – Okay you know, I’m giving up this stupid game – this is the part that you might care for – yes I came across your youtube clip…okay lets see this one!!! WOW, you so right…in everything you say – don’t think just hit the ball. So as soon as I could, I was off to the range…gonna try this – Well it worked, and I was really whacking those balls a good distance too – So yeah, I’m happy – thanks!

Quintin Meier

I learned how to play golf just by watching my Dad and his pals play. I never had a lesson in my life and from my mid twenties through to my early 40’s played off a single digit handicap with a low of 3. For various reasons I then stopped playing for about 10 years and now, in my early 60’s, even though others like my swing, I can hardly break 90. Like Tiger, I got stuck with paralysis by analysis.… let your body REACT to what you’re trying to achieve… after watching these videos I went out and shot an 84 just by clearing my brain from all technicalities!

Kenny Enahoro

I have been watching all of these videos in your series. Any chance that you may do clinics in the U.S. at any point? You sir have opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the swing that makes more sense than anything else I have heard. I plan on ordering the DVD as soon as possible.


I’m a beginner and you’re right… everybody says some of the exact same things. “You straightened your knees too much.” How the heck am I supposed to make that correction on the 4th hole? I love this video.


Best instructional videos in existence. I’m 58, 2 handicap, drive 270. My absolute lowest rounds occur when all I’m thinking about is hitting the ball where I’m thinking! No swing thoughts of any kind. This is truly magnificent golf instruction!


All of those videos and books I bought didn’t work.  Everyone on you tube contradicted each other. Now I am swinging the weight of the club head back and then through the ball. Golf shouldn’t be this easy….  this really does seem to be working 🙂

Barney le dilly

I was pretty skeptical at first, but I went into it with an open mind anyway. Lo and behold, I managed to do what he is saying. You have to really feel the clubhead, what helped for me was very very loose wrists and not so tight grip. To do this, you can’t swing keeping in mind what you normally do. It’s an isolated thing, once you really get the feel for the clubhead, (you will 100% know when you do) then you can start layering the icing with bio mechanics that you feel necessary to help your game. It takes a while at first to build the hand eye coordination, but with enough practice you can start to hone that skill. I can do whatever I want with ease now, hitting the ball first then the ground, making a wider arc so my divot goes away from my target, whatever I need. Now, I’m no where near perfect, but now I have a real purpose to practice, and I can’t wait to get back to the range tomorrow and start perfecting it.


What you can do with beginners is amazing, and that IS the problem: Too many feel/perform like beginners for too many YEARS.  I was a decent striker of the ball in the boom days.  Just now getting back into it (after 15+ years away) and found your information while sifting through the “Old Paradigm” [focusing on swing mechanics] videos here to help me get tuned back up.  I haven’t looked at any other instructional information since. No more struggles here, am re-learning to hit in your style.  Rather easy!  Thanks for that.  Getting this info in front of the masses of struggling/given-up/reluctant golfers out there would EXPLODE the game.  Maybe the “Tipping Point” is coming soon.

Wade Patton

Ron is teaching good stuff, and if you want to improve your game, listen!

Pure and Simple Golf Swing

I like your videos a lot! And i hope more people will find your page – because what you say is gold

Jonas V 1

Hi Ron, Very simple ideas which make so much sense – great work!`


Hey Ron, another great video. I was fortunate enough to come across your RealSwing vids about 7 months ago, and I can attest to the fact that you have made my golf life fun again. Actually, it was never fun..lol I’ll rephrase that, you’ve shown me with swinging the club freely, staying relaxed, swinging fluidly, that a ” ten year hacker” like myself, can virtually over a few weeks become a pretty decent golfer who loves the game that I gave up 8 years ago. You are the only, and I mean ONLY instructor that I’ve seen who makes any sense. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lessons.

Michael Goldfuss

Awesome stuff! A couple of years ago I was playing off 5 handicap. Then I had some serious health problems and lost all my strength. I thought good golf was a thing of the past for me — until I found Ron Sisson! My swing now is so easy, yet just as powerful as it ever was — with no pain and no effort. This stuff works! I have made a slight change to the second part of Ron’s mantra — I say “Strike ball with swinging SWEET-SPOT!” This works better for me because it makes me more precise. I live in the UK, but if I survive this illness, I have promised myself a trip to Canada to have a few lessons with Ron. He has allowed me to keep golf in my life, and I owe him big time for that!

Terry Jenkins

Thank you Ron. Entertaining and educational. You have helped me a lot. I would suggest that you put “The Inner Game” into google and take a look at the 60 Minutes piece on this topic done many many years ago. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzR8x5MgvDw) It is remarkable. The brain and body can do most things if allowed to do so. Thank you again for your excellent videos and your kindness in wanting to help us golfers with this wonderful game. Paul

Paul Edwards

“Friggin love this. Just poured an entire bucket of balls, hitting only 7 to 10 “offline.”

Robby Setser

OMG thanks Ron! I’ve played for 2 years, learning all this golf mumbo jumbo and just getting worse. I watched your video 2 days ago… had a great day on the range sticking to your lessons… played a great round today ( for me ) usually with a lot of soreness but my back feels so much better just swinging my swing. I can’t thank you enough! :)……

ktl ktl

I tried your method today. I could not believe how well this works! I’ve had so many lessons, and aways had a casting issue. Gone in half an hour!

Sebastian Dykas

I watched this series a few years ago and just revisited. I remember “swing club in a big circle, hit ball.” Did that yesterday and hit some amazing shots with a 16 degree 3 mini driver. 230 yard carry at 70 years of age… range balls. That will do for me…

walton market

Distance on irons improved by almost two clubs, 150m with a seven iron, which is something I have been aiming for over the two years but rarely achieve. Did it easily during the game. I also had a range session, aiming to improve my club face feel and eye hand coordination. Did one arm drills, happy gilmours and some rapid fire drills for an hour, then played a nine hole game on the range. Ball striking was the best I have ever done. Started to get natural draws and shot variations just by concentrating on the shot I wanted and letting my body do the work. Have gained the extra distance I have been working on for two years – in one week. I’m a convert. Thanks Ron. I live in Darwin Australia

Peter Gordon

[Your approach of just focusing on swinging the clubhead and hitting the ball works for me.] I just started golf, age 64, and the first day at the driving range, I just looked at the ball and hit it with a 7 iron. Most of the shots were straight but not too far (120 yards) as I just wanted a good, relaxed feel and a straight shot. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to enjoy my time.

Second time out, same thing. THEN I started watching YouTube videos on the “golf swing.” Third day out, I applied the golf swing mechanics; it was a disaster. So I watched more videos and still junk. After about 6 times out, this golf game became more like work than fun, and a real drag.

I decided to go back to just looking at the ball and hitting it. Yeah baby, nice straight shots about 120 yards with that 7 iron with an enjoyable, easy swing. I’ve since kept doing it this way…

Travis Monroe

Hi Ron, you are the man! Since I started using your principles I am playing the best golf of my life. More importantly I so enjoy it now. That ‘joy of life’ swing you teach is glorious! Imagine trying to teach your children to tie shoe laces by instructing them on which body parts to move and when. And yet we all fell for it where the golf swing is concerned. So wish I ‘d found your stuff forty years ago.

Andy Ward

It’s True…I’m hitting the ball much better over the last few days after listening to Ron’s explanation. I tried copying the swing of others looking for the secret, but the secret is to develop our own swing with the focus on the club head and ball only.


What is so sad is that the secret to the golf swing is so obvious. I knew there was something I was missing after hitting tens of thousands of balls and having countless lessons but never ever standing at address sure what was going to happen once my swing started. So often seeing my instructor always hit it well and hit it far with seemingly little effort made me sure there was some magic move that I needed to discover.

After a weekend proving this method absolutely works (for both long and short game) I am shaking my head at the time and money I have wasted over so many years and how simple it actually really is to hit it well and confidently. Cheers to you for being so honest about the simplicity of the golf swing.


Finally! The truth about the mystery behind the golf swing. Just keep it easy. I tried it first evening after I learned “The Real Swing” from YouTube and it was immediately a success! So easy and effortless. All these years, I have struggled to make all the movements perfectly well and trying to keep all these thoughts in mind during a split second. Thank you, Ron. I’m so much looking forward to playing golf this summer! I hope you will be able to teach others to spread the “paradigm shift” all over the planet.

Erland Vilhelmson

Ditched months of mechanics today and played using your ideas – worked hard on not working hard [at it]. I’m a 10 Hdcp’r BTW. Had a 9-hole stretch of the best shots I’ve EVER had today. Several Wow moments today: I’ve hit many, what I thought were, really good shots before, but these strikes were…different. Getting outta my own way I realized this: the clubhead was accelerating through the ball instead of decelerating (I could feel the difference for the first time). To me your ideas are the ‘glue’ that holds it all together (I intuited this before in the context of Tempo/Timing but wasn’t able to feel it). Will need to re-program my brain, and my attitude, but looking forward to it. And yes, many people don’t want to work at it, they want to buy a golf game. I really hope you are successful because this stuff is “it.”

Jeffery Ross

Hi Ron, I really like your approach. I’ve been reading Tim Gallwey’s book from the 60’s and your approach seems very much in tune with his coaching of the “Inner Game”. I’ve also watched your videos showing amateurs and complete beginners who in a matter of minutes are hitting the ball with power and accuracy. Pro teachers I’ve seen would have students possibly doing the same on ‘Week 6 or Week 8’. You’re a breath of fresh air…


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I was one of the videographers that shot your instructional video on Real Swing Golf. I do golf occasionally and so I was interested in the techniques you illustrated. After editing your video and watching it, I became eager to try your ideas out. Though I had not golfed for a couple of years, I went to the driving range and was able to hit the ball very well. Years ago I used to fear hitting too many balls at the driving range because I invariably would pull some muscles in my chest (of all places) and it really hurt. Obviously I was doing something wrong.

Using your method I felt very relaxed and my swing was virtually effortless. Now I no longer fear muscle aches and pains and can enjoy swinging the club. The following week I went golfing with a friend and used your Real Swing Golf approach again. I hit some excellent shots and rarely even bothered taking a practice swing. Years ago I used to take 3 or 4 practice swings on the course before every shot. Did it help? Nope. Now I feel like a pro; I just get up there and hit it. Thanks to you, I’ve got the “golf bug” back. I’m anxious to try your system again and I’m sure I will improve my game. Thanks for the direction and inspiration.

Malcolm S. Achtman President, ADITA Video Inc.

Myself and my buddies took lessons with Ron Sisson. We started with a 3 lesson package but loved what we were learning so much we bumped it up to 5. Ron helped me transform my complete game. If you wonder if taking lessons can help you on the course? It can!! With the principles I learned I was able to take 10 strokes off my game. Would I recommend lessons? Most definitely and my friends and I will be taking more this year.


Real Swing golf has increased my confidence in my ability to golf and I am enjoying the game of golf more now than I have in the past. I don’t even throw my clubs any more!

The actual Real Golf Swing has helped me to increase my distance with the driver and I hit the fairways on a more consistent basis.

The swing has also helped to improve my short game. My accuracy hitting the green from around 120 yards out has improved dramatically.

Ron has made learning fun. He is professional when he teaches and his attitude toward the game has rubbed off on me.


I like the natural swing that you teach because I don’t have to worry about where I have my shoulders or where I put the club. I do it naturally and it seems to work for me.


This was the most productive golf instruction that I have had. Simple – straightforward – easy to understand and everything that we learned worked. I loved it.


Hats off to Ron Sisson and the Real Swing Golf program for their simple and effective method for teaching a “real” golf swing. For years I struggled with my “artificial” golf swing. Artificial because it was a collection of advice, tricks and tips fed to me by well meaning friends and technical golf teachers – all pasted onto a stance, grip and balance that were not natural. Ron showed me how it was possible to hit a golf ball long and straight while standing on one leg, swinging with one arm or with the ball placed virtually anywhere within the stance (that was Ron, not me!). When I saw that, I understood that all the things I thought were important in a golf swing were only getting in the way. Ron taught me the only important thing I needed to know was how the club head hit the ball. Within one lesson, I was free to forget the hundred and one golf swing “rules” cluttering my swing and focus on feeling the club head as a natural extension of my hands. Within four lessons I had changed from “robo-golf” to a more relaxed and smoother motion that is now the foundation for every golf swing I take. After some further coaching from Ron in the short game, my average score dropped by 20 strokes! The Real Swing Golf program is for anyone who wants to love the game of golf, but is frustrated by the challenge of achieving a consistent golf swing.


I love playing this game and Ron and the Real Swing Method have helped me to enjoy it more and play better.


[You taught me] to have fun, to relax and my game is lessened by at least twenty strokes. I’m pleased with that … Here’s how a swing really should be. And I just felt it was the completely the most logical, natural swing I’ve ever had. And what was most inspiring during your lesson was; we started with a 7 iron. And this was so exciting because you said “What can you do with a 7 iron?” And I said “90 yards.” You said “Okay.” So we started using your method and I got up to 150 yards with my 7 iron. It was amazing!


Not only is Ron Sisson knowledgeable in golf technique and the mental game, he is a dedicated, talented instructor and extraordinarily observant, thoughtful and patient. No one has wanted me to succeed nor helped more than he. I very much value his lessons and coaching—I’m sure I’m one of his biggest fans. The Real Swing Method is superior to those methods that force the golfer to focus on what numerous body parts are or should be doing.


“I have been golfing for nearly 6 years now. The best description of my game would be long periods of frustration interrupted by brief and unfortunately fleeting moments of perfection. It is those fleeting moments of perfection that keep me coming back. It is the 7 iron that falls softly by the cup. It is the driver that leaps from your club face flying effortlessly past the 150 marker landing in the middle of the fairway. It is the round when you can’t miss a putt when you are in a zone and the line on the green seems to jump out at you. It is these rare moments that capture you and keep you coming back. They keep you coming back because you get a taste of what golf could be, not what it is.

For me golf was a battle of wills: mine and the balls. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how much effort I exerted, no matter how loud I cursed, the ball’s will was almost always stronger than mine. Then I learned a simple yet profound lesson. You have to give up control to gain control. How could this be? Give up control to gain control.

Under the guidance of Ron Sisson, founder of Real Swing Golf, I explored this thought. Before I could give up control I had to discover what it was I was trying to control. With the patience and wisdom that years of teaching experience brings; Ron led me down a road of discovery. It was a road that allowed me to leave the burdens of the traditional golf world behind. “Keep your head down, slow your swing down, keep your elbows in, push your hands out, don’t bend your knees, do bend your knees,” all the years of advice that I had been given by amateurs, pros, infomercials and instructional videos were set aside and all that was left was one important realization:

Feel the club head.

The simplicity of the Ron Sisson’s Real Swing approach is startling. It really shouldn’t be this simple. It should take me years of practice and involve exorbitant teaching fees and the latest overpriced technology before I could completely change my swing, before I could consistently achieve the elusive indescribable sweet shot. It shouldn’t take 10 minutes. Yet it did.

My only caution to you who are looking for the answer is that you might find it. You might actually play a round of golf confidently and peacefully. You might be sitting in the 19th hole with a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart. Sound a little corny maybe but let me ask you one question- isn’t that really why we play this silly game?

The Real Swing Golf method taught by Ron Sisson teaches the game of golf in its simplest and truest form. If we are going to swing a club and pay our hard earned money to play this game, don’t we deserve at the very least to enjoy it. I would encourage everyone to spend an enjoyable hour learning the game of golf the way it should be taught – The REAL SWING WAY.


I was pretty much a self-taught golfer. I learned by watching other people but I never really had lessons or anybody who ever really taught me the game.

So I was a chronic slicer and the more I tried to correct it, the worse it got. I learned how to play that way because I would set up about 45 degrees to the target sometimes. So I learned how to play and score reasonably well. But I never could hit the ball straight and after twelve years of constant slicing, you get to the point where you think, “This just isn’t for you – you’re not going be able to play this game.”

I started watching the Golf Channel to try to pick up any tips I could. My game started to get even worse than it was before because the swing – as I understood it from the Golf Channel – started to become very complicated. I would start thinking about all those complicated tips during my swing and things went from bad to worse. I remember one time I lined up aiming for the creek on the left and there was water on the right and I still hit the water on the right it curved out so far. That’s when I finally thought, “I’ve got to see a doctor about this.”

A friend of mine told me about Real Swing Golf and what was amazing was that after one lesson, I was hitting straight shots! I learned about a lot of the misconceptions that I had about the swing that were causing my slice and we were able to get it under control and that was pretty incredible after just one lesson.

I remember that first swing I took after doing the drills to get the feel for the “real swing.” The ball rocketed off the clubface and just went straight! In fact, I think that was the first time I had ever hit a straight, long shot was during that first lesson. I was hitting my irons twenty to thirty yards further after the very first lesson. It was exciting for me because I thought, “I could learn this game! Golf could be fun!”

I think that the greatest thing about the Real Swing Golf Method was that after that first lesson, I realized that the swing is actually fairly simple. If I start having trouble, I can always go back to that first lesson and get my game back on track. Essentially, after one lesson I knew what to do to fix my game. Just relaxing, losing the tension, not worrying about anything mechanical about your swing and just swinging the club freely, fluidly and fast.

And I was very excited after the first lesson because I realized that the game could be fun and the swing didn’t have to be complicated. You could just go out there and let loose, have fun and play a lot better. Thanks to Ron and the Real Swing Method, I’m hooked and now I want to play more golf because it’s fun again!


My previous experiences with golf instructors and instructional magazines were frustrating. Too much emphasis was being placed on where one body part should be in relation to another during the course of a golf swing, I was receiving contradictory messages about body position from different sources, and worst of all, my slice and distance off the tee were not improving.

After my set of 4 lessons with Ron last summer, my understanding and appreciation of the golf swing improved dramatically. After a review of basic swing mechanics, emphasis during the lessons was placed on developing a free, fluid and fast swing, the essentials required for hitting a ball straight and long. Eye-hand coordination was improved by having me focus NOT on the relationship of one body part to another, but rather on the clubhead and clubhead ONLY – ie, the part of the club that actually hits the ball. A remarkably simple concept, but it had never been taught to me before, and guess what – it works!!!!

After finishing the 4 lessons my slice was gone, and I was hitting the ball longer and straighter than ever before. Another benefit to the lessons is that they teach you to be your own “golf pro” during sessions on the practice range. How this is done is also very simple. While there are a whole variety of “bad” golf shots that can occur (hook, slice, duck hook, shank, duff, worm-burner, etc), Ron pointed out that there were only TWO reasons why all bad golf shots occur – two different malconnections between clubhead and ball.

By understanding these two different mis-hits, and ways of correcting them, it becomes easy to re-correct oneself on the driving range should a bad shot, eg. a slice, start creeping back into the picture. The lessons also emphasize that practice makes perfect. The concepts that are taught are simple yet very effective, but proper eye-hand coordination will not be developed or maintained without regular practice on the driving range.

Another key point I learned during these lessons is that a bad shot is often not the result of a bad swing, but rather the result of suboptimal eye-hand coordination that has not yet been fully developed with practice. Knowing this important concept, and having the tools to correct a bad shot, have made practicing a lot more enjoyable for me.

I strongly recommend the Real Swing Golf program to anyone who wants to improve their golf game – have fun with it!

Steve A

Dear Ron,

I came across your Youtube videos on Tuesday night and watched the 8 part series explaining your concept and I had the paradigm shift you mentioned.  Mind-blowing! I have been training regularly using [another teaching philosophy that focuses mostly on swing mechanics].  Over the last year I made some good progress [with that method] and have gone down to a 10.7 handicap from a 13.
Then, just by listening to you and focusing on the club head and being relaxed and trying to accelerate through the hitting area etc instead of focusing on the mechanics etc., yesterday I shot the easiest 77 with 2 double-bogeys.  Amazing!

Yes, I also have a new Epic driver which is amazing and  hit a lot of fairways yesterday.  But my drives were longer than usual (230m [250 yards] to 270m [295 yards] yesterday) and my irons were so crisp.   Even my 60 deg lob wedge around the green felt different.  Yes, [the other] lessons certainly helped but for the first time, I didn’t focus on that at all which I do too much and often freeze over the ball and have terrible rhythm.  Yesterday, I felt so relaxed and not burdened by having to think about what I needed to do before every shot.  Just closed my eyes and took a few practice swings feeling the club head, with relaxed hands and grip, and feeling the acceleration and lag through the hitting area.  That’s all.

Watching you hit these balls with so many mechanics “mistakes” was an amazing eye-opener and I went out there yesterday with the confidence that I didn’t need perfect mechanics to play well and it worked!!!

I hope it’s not a fluke and cannot wait to play again and see if I can do it again.

So I just wanted to write to you to say thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have a new fan on the other side of the planet!


Thierry BECHARD Floréal, Island of Mauritius (East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean)

A final thought from Ron Sisson:

Aren’t you tired of inconsistent contact, offline shots and endlessly guessing as to ‘which body part did the wrong thing this time?’… “Did I lift my head? Did my hips ‘spin out?’ Did I ‘come up and out of it?’ [whatever that means…sigh…]”

Aren’t you tired of Traditional Golf Instruction ideas that have you focusing on complicated and confusing swing mechanics?

Most importantly, is that approach producing the well struck, accurate shots that you want?

Isn’t it time you tried something that can actually put you on the path to the consistency you’ve always wanted?

With the Real Swing Golf Method®, you’ll learn the secret that all great players learned instinctively when they were young: Their focus is on striking the ball and sending it to a target, NOT body movement technique:

“On the whole I don’t like to complicate things too much. I’ve always played my best golf not thinking about very much to be honest!”

— 4 time Major Champion Rory McIlroy

“I just try to shoot where I’m aiming. I play by sight and feel not by technical thoughts.”

— Masters Champion Fred Couples

“I used to get out there and have a thousand swing thoughts. Now I try not to have any.”

— PGA Champion Davis Love III

“I’ve always been a person that just [thinks], ‘See ball. Hit ball.’….”

— 2 time PGA Champion Justin Thomas

My hands are telling me what to do… That’s how I grew up playing, and it’s what I am doing right now... I’ve never been one that really focuses on what my body is doing…  Granted, my swing has morphed; I’ve done different things with different instructors, but at the end of the day it’s about, to me, making the little adjustments right before impact to try and figure out where that club is at and sensing where it’s at.  Because at the end of the day, the only connection we have with our golf club is our hands.”

— The Greatest Golfer of All Time Tiger Woods


Knowing what to do with the only thing that has any effect on the ball:


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