These unsolicited testimonials from Ron’s online students should answer that question…

“I began the season as a 10 handicap index. I signed up for Ron’s lessons and in a few months I’ve lowered my index to 7.6….and I’m trending lower.  I’ve shot scores in the 70s four times this season, having never done it prior to this year.  I make solid contact more often than ever before. My distance with all the clubs has increased significantly with an increase in accuracy, as odd as that may sound to some. 

The ideas and concepts Ron teaches help you immediately, and they are applicable to any shot you face, from drives, full iron shots, pitches, chips, various recovery shots, and even putting. I’ve worked very hard at my game and in the past have tried methods and teachings of people like David Leadbetter, John Jacobs, Sean Foley, Harvey Penick, etc. While I often saw improvement with these methods, it was typically a temporary benefit, and once it stopped working, I would regress to my baseline. It was back to square one, searching for something new. 

Ron’s method has worked continuously and progressively for longer than any previous method I’ve tried. The best part is I do it without any complex, “mechanical” swing thoughts…no managing of positions, planes, angles, turns, rotations, weight shifts, etc. Better still, I am able to correct errors on the course. In the past, whenever I would lose my game, it was a complete mystery, and getting back on track would be a frustrating trial and error process. After working with Ron, I’ve learned to understand my game better and be my own teacher, leading to more consistent play during rounds and over the weeks and months. 

If this sounds too good to be true, remember that there is a catch: The catch is that Ron’s method is as much mental as it is physical, and you need both to improve. The physical skills are easily learned in 5-10 minutes. They are not easy to master at a level required for scratch golf however, and in order to master them you need to consistently execute the mental side. This is the hardest part for me. The mental side is unlike anything in mainstream golf teaching, and it takes patience and a little courage to properly execute. But the rewards are great. And the good news is you don’t have to be a world class athlete to execute these mental skills…anyone can do it if they apply themselves. 

I look forward to every round I play now because I know if I go about it correctly, I learn and improve from every shot. I highly recommend this method to all golfers. Ron’s lessons are reasonably priced, and you can take them remotely by Skype or FaceTime, as I did. Ron has been very flexible and accommodating with scheduling, and he is fun to work with.

If you have always wanted to know what it feels like to play fine, expert level golf, sign up for lessons with Ron and start learning Real Swing Golf. You won’t be disappointed.”

JP Bouffard

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“After our first online session, I went to driving range today and I struggled somewhat with irons, but they’re a lot  better than before.

Then I hit my 4 wood off grass… OMG it just WENT! All I thought about was soft hands and where the club head was.

Then switched to the three wood off the tee… It was amazing! Soft hands and where club head was swinging were the only thoughts I had. I did practice with the soft hands and kept that in mind throughout the swing and the three wood went over the 200 yd marker on the fly!

Jerry Stroud

[Jerry is in his 70’s]

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