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"Basics" Lesson Programs - Level 1 "Comfortable"

Our "Basics" Lesson Programs are geared specifically for brand new golfers, beginners with some experience, and average golfers as well. As the name suggests, we cover the basics of the game that you need to know to get you started in golf.

"Basics" Packages (Indoors) October - April ▿▿▿

Basics Lesson Package - Level 1 "Comfortable"

The Basics Lesson Program includes a 5 lesson package which takes you through the basics of the full swing and the short game.  Our Certified instructors will help you learn and develop the basic fundamentals of the game in a relaxed and enjoyable way.   Our exclusive Real Swing Golf Method® of teaching simplifies and accelerates the learning process.

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Indoor Facility Fees Pricing & Procedure
Please note: Facility fees are included in the cost of the lesson or lesson package with some additional facility fees for Semi-Private or Group Lessons taken at the National Golf Academy Golf Dome Location ONLY.

National Golf Academy Dome Procedure for Semi-Private or Group Lessons:
Facility fees are included for 30 minutes for all lessons. Semi-Private lessons are 45 minutes long and Group Lesssons are 60 minute long. The cost for the extra time used is the responsibility of the student. At the conclusion of the lesson the client would immediately pay for the time extra time used.

If the student would like to practice before or after the lesson. This would be paid separately through the facility. Inquire at the facility for details.

National Golf Academy Dome Facility Fee is based on a rate of 50 cents per minute PER STALL ($7.50 + gst for 15 minutes for Semi-Private Lessons or $15.00 + gst per half hour for Group Lessons) for swing lessons and 25 cents per minute PER PERSON ($3.75 + gst for 15 minutes for Semi-Private Lessons or $7.50 + gst per half hour for Group Lessons) for putting and chipping lessons. NOTE: The number of stalls used for the first 15 minutes of Semi-Private Lessons or the first 30 minutes of Group Lessons can be reduced with participants sharing hitting stalls to save on facility fees.

Riverside Golf Centre:
When having a lesson at the Riverside Golf Centre, please go to the front desk to let the staff know that you are taking a lesson with Real Swing Golf/ Ron Sisson.

Practice before or after the lesson is not included. This would be purchased separately through the facility. Please inquire at the facility for details.

Locations: National Golf Academy Dome & The Riverside Golf Centre

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