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Our Calgary golf lessons are designed to assist you in reaching both your short and long term goals for your golf game.

“What lesson package should I take?” “How many lessons do I need?” These are the questions golfers often ask when they inquire about taking lessons. In order to answer these questions, you need to explore your answers to the following three key questions:

What is my current level of skill and what level of skill do I desire to attain?

Do you want to be “comfortable” with your golf game with a skill level that allows you to play the game without fear or embarrassment? Do you want to be “consistent” with your golf game, enabling you to play to a higher than average skill level? Do you want to be “complete” in your golf game, striving to reach your full skill potential as a golfer? With an accurate assessment of your current skill level and a firm picture of the level of skill that you would like to achieve, we can then determine an instruction plan that will help you get there. As a general rule, the wider the gap between your current skill level and the level of skill you would like to achieve, the more coaching/lessons you will need to reach the skill level you desire.

What are my longer term goals for my golf game?

Like Tiger Woods, do you want to strive to reach your ultimate potential as a golfer and pay any price to get there? Do you want just enough skill so you can play golf for fun and/or business without “*embarrassing yourself?” Are you somewhere in the middle of those two extremes? Do you have goals for reaching a certain level of score: Do you want to break 100? 90? 80? 70? Once you decide on the long term goals for your golf game, we can help you determine the type and quantity of lesson programs that will help you reach your goals.

How committed am I to reaching my goals?

No matter what your goals are, you must have a commitment level to match. You should also look at other factors that will affect your commitment level such as your budget and the time you have to devote to your golf game given other activities and hobbies you also enjoy, your family, work and/or school commitments. Based on these factors, you can determine whether you have a low, medium, or a high level of commitment. Hopefully, it will match up with your desired skill level and your long term goals for your golf game.

Making the final decision...

Once you have answered the three questions above, determining the answers to the questions “What lesson package should I take?” and “How many lessons do I need?” will become much easier. With your instructor's help, you can determine the Lesson Program or Programs that will help you reach your goals.

One final point to consider: Golfers often think that there is a set number of lessons that you take and then you are done. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you have long term goals to reach an above average skill level: Tiger Woods has had 3 separate Professional Golf Coaches and has revamped the bio-mechanical technique of his swing 4 times. He has probably had well over 1000 coaching sessions/golf lessons in the course of his career. Some players, like Phil Mickelson, have more than one coach - Phil works with Butch Harmon for his long game, Dave Pelz for his short game, and he has recently enlisted the services of mental game coach Julie Elion.

If the greatest golfers in the world seek regular coaching to improve and maintain their skills, shouldn’t you do the same?

Whatever your goals and commitment level are, we can design an instructional program tailored specifically for you!

Use the following table as a general guideline in choosing a Lesson Program. If you are still having trouble deciding, your best bet is to call us directly and we can help you decide which Lesson Programs are right for you.