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Learn how to golf in the winter??? Absolutely!

Here's four good reasons why Winter is
the best to time to learn

Reason #1:  Don't let the golfing skill you've attained erode during the off season.

With any skill (musical instrument, athletic skill, dancing, etc) and 
especially golfing skill, if you don't practice it for 8 months, you will lose a good portion of the skill you worked so hard to attain and then require a substantial amount of time just to simply regain it.  That's why every spring, deteriorated skills and old, ineffective swing habits making a comeback are exactly what I see in the swings of the golfers who let their clubs gather dust over the winter. 

As an Instructor, I know that there is no other way to make rapid and lasting improvement than to continue working with your golf coach regularly, 
including the winter months. Just to maintain their current skill level, golfers should take a minimum of 5 lessons spread out over the course of the winter in conjunction with a couple of practice sessions in between lessons.

With a more extensive Winter Lesson/Practice Program, you will not only maintain your skill, you can 
improve it!

Reason #2: Learning/improving your golf game is actually easier in the winter than it is during the golf season!

In fact,
trying to learn/improve your golf game in the spring and summer can actually impede your learning process! Here's why:

Trying to learn on the golf course and even, to a degree, on the practice range is like trying to develop musical talent while performing onstage: fear of making mistakes, the water, trees, sand, and golfing with strangers create tension and external distractions that make it harder to learn. Also, while playing golf, your mind will tend to focus too much on what the ball is doing - and how it is affecting your score and other peoples' judgement of your skill level - without reflecting on whether or not you are executing your swing correctly.  Learning and practicing over the winter months without that added pressure enables you to learn and improve faster and more easily retain your skills.
When the golf season arrives, you’ll be confident and “ready to play” rather than “trying to remember” what you learned last year.

Reason #3: Winter is an excellent time to take our S.P.G. (Stance Position Grip) Foundations Lesson package:

Mastering proper Stance, Position (ball position/biomechanical swing positions), and Grip fundamentals are important skills that complement your clubhead skill (a consistent “freely, fluidly, and fast” real swing and clubhead “heavy circle” awareness). If consistency is what you are looking for, clubhead skill will take you 80% of the way there. However, if you want to reach your full potential, sound S.P.G. basics are a must.

For our current students who have learned a "Real Swing" during the season, the off-season is an ideal time to work on S.P.G. biomechanics.  Why the winter time? If you’ve ever tried to change your grip or setup posture or even something as simple as changing the ball position in your stance, you know how awkward and uncomfortable it can be. And then to attempt to “relax” and hit the ball on the centre of the clubface to within 1/16th of an inch? Forget it! That’s why it’s best to learn, practice, and master any biomechanical changes in the winter time until they become so natural you don’t have to think about them. Then when golf season arrives, you are free to simply relax, play golf, and enjoy your improved consistency.

Reason #4:  Join other Real Swing Golf Clients who are reaping the benefits of using the offseason to improve their games:

How well does practicing and taking lessons through the winter months work? Just ask Real Swing Client Susan Allan who emailed us to say, "...I used to hit my pitching wedge about 50-60 yards.  After doing the winter lessons, I'm now hitting my pitching wedge about as far as I used to hit my seven iron (85 yards)..."  She used to score in the 110 to 120 range.  She is now consistently in the mid to low 90's and even has a few scores in the 80's!

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