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The Company

The Real Swing Golf Method® has been evolving over a twenty year period, inspired by the many deficiencies Mr. Sisson found in contemporary golf instruction techniques.

Ron saw that there were similar common denominators to people’s struggles to improve in golf and decided that there was a simple and sensible way to learn the game of golf. This gave Ron the premise on which he bases his Real Swing Golf Method® of learning golf, which can be broken down into six simple words: three words for each approach.

There are the three ‘F`s’ which describe the technique of a great swing: Freely, Fluidly, Fast. The three ‘F`s’ characterize a golf swing which would have the sweet spot of the club impact the ball with direct force for maximum flight.

Then there are the three ‘R`s’ which describe the state of mind required for a great swing or shot in golf: Relaxed, Rhythmic, and Reflective. Understanding how one combines state of mind with force of motion in a swing with natural ease is the ultimate goal in creating a great golf shot. When one feels the collective zone of the aforementioned practices, it will naturally lead to the ultimate prize: CLUBHEAD AWARENESS!!!

Ron makes this approach look and feel easy, and with the Real Swing Golf Method® golf lessons, he imparts this to his students in an effective, lasting manner.