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Outdoor Junior Program "Frequently Asked Questions" & Policies ▿▿▿

Where are the lessons held?

The lessons will be held at the Elbow Spring Golf Club. Elbow Springs
Golf Club: 240086 Lott Creek Blvd., Calgary. For directions click here:
Where do we meet for the lessons?
On the Driving Range, there are 2 buildings: the 2 level range shelter
(rectangular shape), and the Half Way House (looks like a small house).
Your Instructor will meet you before the lessons at the Real Swing Golf
Office, which is in the Halfway House.

What do I wear? Is there a dress code?

There is a dress code for Elbow Springs Golf Club. Dress must be in
keeping with golf course tradition:
Men - Slacks, tailored shorts, shirts with sleeves and collars.
Women - Sport shirts, tailored shorts with a 5 inch inseam, skirts, slacks,
culottes or dresses. Collarless shirts must have sleeves; sleeveless
shirts must have a collar.
No denim blue jeans.

Equipment Required?

If you don’t have your own set, you should bring the following: For our
beginner classes we recommend a golf bag, a 7 iron, a sand wedge (preferably) or a pitching wedge, a putter, a Fairway Wood (5 or 7 wood)
and a Driver (optional).
A good pair of supportive runners is sufficient for footwear if you don’t
have golf shoes.
A golf glove is also recommend. If you are right-handed you will need a
left-handed glove and vice versa.

What if the weather is bad?

Golf season in Calgary is short. To maximize our teaching time we do
try to run lessons regardless of the weather. At Elbow Springs, we have
a sheltered driving range which allows us to teach in most weather
extremes. It is recommended that you dress in layers when the weather
is cooler. In hotter weather, please wear appropriate clothing
including a golf hat for protection against the sun. A water bottle,
sunscreen, and bug spray are also important to have on hand. Should
you choose not to wear a golf glove, please pack bandages just in case
of blisters.

The weather is bad! Is my lesson cancelled?

As mentioned previously, we try to run the lessons in most weather
conditions. However, in situations of extreme cold (+6 or colder) or
course closures (snow, flooding, etc…), we may need to cancel and
reschedule. On the day of the lesson, if there is some doubt, please
check our website
www.realswinggolf.com/news.htm where we post
lesson cancellations or call 587-333-7325 to inquire. The phone line can be
extremely busy on days where we have to reschedule due to weather. If
you have to leave a message, please give the number you are most
likely to be at to reduce the amount of calls we need to make.

I don’t have any clubs. Are there rentals available?

We have a limited number of junior clubs. What we do have is available
at no charge for our students. It is best to purchase a junior set with a
golf bag for the camps and lessons.

I would like to buy clubs. Can you help me to get the set I need?

Our instructors would be pleased to assist you in determining what set of
clubs would work best for your child based on their interest and your
The Elbow Springs Pro Shop features, high end clubs (Ping, Callaway
clubs) and provide club fittings for these. They do not carry the lower
end junior sets. Please Note: Real Swing Golf and their instructors do
not receive commission on club sales.

I’ve heard that buying clubs at a golf course pro shop is more expensive.
Will I get a better deal at the retail golf stores?

Real Swing Golf students receive a 10% discount on clothing and 5%
discount on clubs in the Elbow Springs Pro Shop. In addition the Pro
Shop will price match on in stock items with Golf Town and Nevada
Bob’s and in some cases still be able to provide the 5% discount.
(Please note that is for in stock items only).
You will also be able to try out and be fitted for your clubs outside with
knowledgeable certified golf professionals assisting you with your fitting
and purchase.

Cancellation/Reschedule/Refund Policy ▿▿▿

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Our policy is that 48 hours notice is required for changing or canceling a booking. Without sufficient notice, the lesson will be forfeited.
It is our desire that as much advance notice as possible be given when canceling a booked lesson. We also desire to extend the same consideration to you if events occur that require a change to an instructors availability.
We understand that it is not always possible to give several days notice. Certainly there are circumstances that require more leniency and we are more than willing to work with a client in such cases.
For participants in our Beginner Groups and Junior Camps, there is no rescheduling of that lesson when they miss a session. If space permits, a student may join another group that is doing the session that was missed. Otherwise, for an additional charge of $20.00 + gst, a shortened private make up lesson can be arranged.

Refund Policy

When considering a refund request, we look first at rescheduling to another time spot or program. The lessons are good for 2 season and are transferable. Consideration is also given to how much advance notice is provided as in the example of a junior camp.