Welcome to Real Swing Golf
Bringing "The Science of Simplicity"™ to your golf game

Ron Sisson - President & Director of Instruction

The history of the Real Swing Golf Method® begins with its creator, Mr. Ron Sisson. Mr. Sisson is a respected golf instructor who features his golf method through Elbow Springs Golf Club. Ron has been an instructor for 29 years with various name organizations: 10 years with Allred’s Golf Schools, 4 years with Calgary Parks and Recreation, and is beginning his sixteenth year at Elbow Springs.

Mr. Sisson has utilized his instruction time wisely and over the years has developed a technique to instruct beginner and moderate golfers [the average golfer] that is simple, fun, and effectively improves players’ abilities within a minimal time frame. Quick, easy, and stress free is what the common consensus seems to be from Ron’s former students.

Ron’s devotion to his instruction helped Allred’s Golf School keep a consistently stable business and it is this consistency that is bringing Ron his current success with his instruction academy at Elbow Springs Golf Club.

Andrew Louisy - Shareholder & Business and Marketing Consultant

Stabilizing the depth of the company is Mr. Andrew Louisy. Mr. Louisy, a Calgary native and successful entrepreneur, originally worked for the Sissons in a consulting capacity with the restructuring of their summer business of golf instruction. He was then contracted to assist in developing and marketing Real Swing Golf’s winter indoor golf instruction, which is a resounding success with corporations and the public at large.

Mr. Louisy has noted production experience with stage and TV, and has co-written and directed the Keep It Simple "Swing Progam" DVD to maintain high professional standards.