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"Player Development " Lesson Programs - Level "Complete"

Our "Player Development" Lesson Programs are designed to "go deep" into the game, covering all aspects of the game of golf in depth: the full swing, the short game, the mental game, swing and set up bio-mechanics, and during the golf season, on course instruction. These lesson programs are ideal for golfers of any skill level with who are highly committed to reaching their full potential as a golfer and achieve the highest level of skill they are capable of.

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Basic Player Development Program 

The Basic Development Program is designed for the more committed golfer and is offered in two levels.  Level 1 for newer or inconsistent golfers who desire the basic skills to be confident on the course and Level 2 for more intermediate golfers wanting to put the finishing touches on their game.  The program consists of 8 lessons and 2 twilight playing lessons.

Extended Player Development Program 

This extensive development program includes: on going video swing analysis, 10 lessons, 8 "10 Minute Tune Ups" (video coaching sessions) and 1 twilight playing lesson.  The package would be customized for the individual or individuals.

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