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Do You Desire To Accelerate Your Learning?

The most effective, quickest route to improvement includes Playing Lessons following a lesson series. 

Playing the game of golf involves executing the skills learned on the range and in the short game practice areas as well aspects of the game that can only be learned on the course. Understanding golf etiquette, course management, and how to keep up the pace of play, are all important to your enjoyment of the game. And in case you haven't noticed, the golf course does NOT always have level ground like the driving range! Knowing how to deal with uphill, downhill, sidehill lies requires experience and learning in the 'real world'… on the Golf Course!!!

Twilight Playing Lesson

This evening playing lesson, begins with a warm up on the range, then its out on the course with the teaching professional for 60 to 90 minutes as daylight allows. (Two week advance notice is preferred. All bookings are subject to tee time and instructor availability.)

Twilight Play Lesson Tables

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