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Do You Desire To Accelerate Your Learning?

The most effective, quickest  route to improvement includes “Ten Minute Tune Up” Sessions in between your formal lessons!  This supports you in fully incorporating your newly learned skills into your game!!!

10 Minute Tune Up Sessions

10 Minute Tune Up Sessions (TMT’s) are where our professional instructors will video your swing (or your putting, chipping, or pitching stroke for that matter) and spend a few minutes going through it with you. They'll answer any questions you have. They'll help you spot and fix any problems with your swing before you unknowingly practice them into fully formed bad habits.

These TMT’s are a great way to make sure you are on track at the beginning of a practice session. That way, you will know that you are practicing correctly, which is the only way to improve. Practicing incorrectly over and over just further ingrains bad habits. Remember, only
perfect practice makes perfect!

Four 10 Minute Tune Up Sessions are only $45 when purchased as part of a Lesson Series or can be purchased separately in increments of 4 and 8. These sessions can be scheduled to your convenience and according to instructor availability.

4 Ten Minute Tune Up Sessions valued at $60 + gst.
8 Ten Minute Tune Up Sessions valued at $99 + gst.

TMT’s are only available for the outdoor golf season and are valid for two golf seasons - the season they are purchased in and all of the following season.

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