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"Foundations" Lesson Programs - Level 2 "Consistent"

We offer four distinct "Foundations" Lesson Programs that will help you build upon or stabilize your skills in each of the key areas of the game: the full swing, the short game, the mental game and swing and set up bio-mechanics. These lessons are ideal for golfers of any skill level with an average to high commitment level looking to improve their game to an intermediate or advanced skill level.

Real Swing Foundations ▿▿▿

Real Swing Foundations

The focus of this "Foundations" Lesson Program is on helping you develop a "real" golf swing. Using our exclusive Real Swing Golf Method®, we will help you understand and apply the simple, proven principles that produce powerful, accurate shots with your full swing. For students who are new our program we include an extra 1/2 hour of instruction in the first lesson at no extra charge.

Short Game Foundations ▿▿▿

Short Game Foundations

This "Foundations" Lesson Program is designed to help you get the ball in the hole. How many times have you hit two good full-swing shots to get within 15 yards of the green only to take a pitch shot, a chip shot and 3 putts to score 7 on the hole? Our Short Game Foundations Series can help you turn those 7's and 8's into 4's and 5's. Do the math and you can see how dramatically a good short game can improve your score!

Mental Game Foundations ▿▿▿

Mental Game Foundations

You've probably heard the saying "Golf is 90% mental." For anyone who wants to reach his or her full potential as a golfer, a sound mental approach to playing golf is a must! This "Foundations" Lesson Program includes 2 lessons on effective mental strategies for playing your best golf and a 4 hole-playing lesson and is designed to help you think effectively on the golf course so you can make the most of your physical skills and shoot your lowest scores.

Stance, Grip, Position Foundations ▿▿▿

S.P.G. (Stance Position Grip) Foundations

Once a golfer has an adequate degree of Phase I clubhead skill, then it is time for Phase II of the Real Swing Golf Method® - our S.P.G. Program.™ Mastering proper Stance, Position (ball position/bio-mechanical swing positions), and Grip fundamentals are important skills that complement your skill with the clubhead.  With a solid foundation of Phase I clubhead skill, developing better swing and set up bio-mechanics (Phase II) will help you sharpen your consistency and take you to that ‘next level.’

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any changes to your bio-mechanical technique will only really help you if you have a strong foundation of Phase I clubhead skill. Therefore, we strongly recommend taking this lesson program after achieving a reasonable level of clubhead skill with the Real Swing Foundations Lesson Program. Furthermore, the greater consistency that results from better bio-mechanical technique usually occurs
after the technique changes have been mastered so that they occur without conscious thought. (It usually takes Tiger Woods about 2 years to master technical swing changes.) That is why we recommend taking this program through the winter months so you have plenty of time to master any technical changes you need to make.

Outdoor "Foundations" Lesson Program Pricing ▿▿▿

"Foundations" Lesson Programs - Level 2 "Consistent"

Each of the four "Foundations" Lesson Programs can be purchased as a 4 Lesson package or as 4 Lessons + 4 "Ten Minute Tune Ups." The additional “Ten Minute Tune Ups” enable you to visually review your swing with an instructor. An ideal way to ensure that your are practicing correctly, these tune up sessions can be booked in between your formal lessons or you can use them after your lesson program is finished to fine tune on occasion when needed.

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