Welcome to Real Swing Golf
Bringing "The Science of Simplicity"™ to your golf game
Golf is a multifaceted, deeply layered game that requires skill in four areas:

  • Long shot skill - full swing shots with woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges
  • Short shot skill - all the shots on or near the green such as putting, chipping, pitching, sands shots and more
  • Mental game skill - disciplining your mind to think in an effective manner that will allow you to play up to the full capacity of the physical skill you possess
  • Bio-mechanical technique - the basics of Stance, Position, and Grip and tackling any major technique flaws that are affecting your swing

If you want achieve a “Consistent” skill level (a golfer with intermediate to advanced skill) or a “Complete” skill level (a golfer with advanced skill), we have lesson programs that focus on each of these areas in depth.

If you just want to attain a “Comfortable” skill level (a golfer with beginning to intermediate skill), our Beginner lessons will help you with the basics of the game to get you started.

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