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Our Vision

It has been a long time dream of Mr. Ron Sisson and business partner Mr. Andrew Louisy with Real Swing Golf to produce a golf instruction video featuring the Real Swing Golf Method®. Our desire for the video was for it to become a benchmark for golf videos to come.  That desire is about to come to pass. This production has exceeded our hearts' desires and the result you can now see for yourself. This contemporary golf instruction video was written and produced to be light hearted and simply a fun way to learn golf, balancing fun and application. Who would enjoy this golf video? Anyone who desires to learn golf in a pleasant and relaxing fun manner.

Our Focus

Ron Sisson (Teaching Specialist) saw that there were similar common denominators to people's struggling to improve in golf and decided that there was a simple and sensible way to learn the game of golf.   This video features the Real Swing Golf Method® of learning and offers a promise of positive and effective results for your golf game. In this video, we will help you establish a solid foundation to experience vast improvement in your golf game.

The Video

In April 2004, we filmed the video with the assistance of Mike Lownsbrough, Golf Show Host and Sports Caster, (who took a hosting role in the video) at the beautiful Copper Point Golf Club in Windermere, BC.
"Keep It Simple" Swing Program provides you with a method to help you improve your game of golf.  The method is called the Real Swing Golf Method® and is based on six simple words:  Freely, fluidly and fast are the defining characteristics of a "real" swing which allows you to impact the ball for maximum distance and control.  Relax, rhythm and reflection are the execution steps necessary to create a 'real' swing and define your physical preparedness and mental state of mind.

The DVD is full of humorous anecdotes as well as simple and effective techniques to become that much closer to the ultimate goal of the program... developing the same intimate sense of club head awareness that anyone who plays the game with greater skill ultimately develops.  Now you too will have the knowledge necessary to embark on the life long journey of continual and consistent improvement in your golf swing.

"Keep It Simple" Swing Program is easy to understand, fun and entertaining!  But most of all, IT WORKS!  

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Too Simple...

“Keep It Simple” Swing Program
Part II
Digital Download Video

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The recreational game of golf has been consistently losing players since around 2002 with no end in sight.  I firmly believe this is due to the "baby boomers" taking up golf en mass in the mid-80s and early 90s, and now they're all gradually quitting the game en mass.

Why is this happening?

According to National Golf Foundation statistics, only 22 percent(!) of golfers every score below 90.  If you had taken up the game years ago, expecting at some point that you would develop a reasonable level of skill, would you continue to golf year after year while finding that you can't seem to improve much past the beginner stage, even after a decade or more of trying?  Or would frustration eventually take its inevitable toll, causing you to join the estimated 20 to 90 million occasional and ex-golfers sitting on the sidelines?  

Does this sound like your story?  Perhaps you are reading this like you have dozens of times in the past, scouring the internet, searching for that ever elusive "secret" that tour pros and highly skilled amateur golfers seem to have found that has enabled them to achieve that one word that you so desperately desire...  CONSISTENCY!  

In your search, you have probably been led to believe that there is some certain mechanical formula, some series of ‘correct’ swing positions, that will magically ensure consistently powerful and accurate shots, only to find numerous dead ends and plateaus.  Your frustration isn’t because the action of striking a golf ball is that difficult: in reality it's actually relatively simple.  The problem is that the action striking a golf ball has always been taught — either formally through professional instruction or informally with ‘tips' from buddies on the range — based on the following false premise:  “The body moves the club and 'correct' body movements and positions will create ‘good' shots and 'incorrect' body movements and positions will cause ‘bad' shots."  Essentially, the basic idea behind this premise is that you should pay close attention to all of your various body parts, make sure they are all moving bio-mechanically 'correctly,' and
presume that the clubhead will do everything it is supposed to to create the long straight shots you want... all while completely ignoring the only thing that has any influence on the ball — namely, the clubhead! 

This paradigm is so pervasive, so universally accepted as being true, that no one ever questions it and virtually all of modern golf instruction is based on it.  I've been questioning this paradigm for almost the entirety of my 30 years teaching golf.  In the spring of 2004, my late wife Brenda-Lee, friend and business partner Andrew Louisy, and I produced the
"Keep It Simple" Swing Program video to share with golfers the (at that time) twenty years of knowledge and teaching experience that led to the development of the simple and effective principles of the Real Swing Golf Method®.  

Back then, I knew that the Real Swing Golf concepts worked for the vast majority of the people that I taught.  What I didn’t know was the science behind
why they worked.  It has now been more than 10 years since we produced our video in the spring of 2004.  In that time, I have gained more insight from 10 more years of teaching experience.  I have also done some research into the scientific literature with regard to how we humans learn and develop motor skills such as striking a golf ball with a swinging instrument.  Now, I am beginning to understand how modern science is confirming the concepts of the Real Swing Golf Method® and that same science also refutes the current widely accepted paradigm of how to hit a golf ball — that the swing should be an attempt to move the body through a series of 'correct' swing positions. 

I now want to share this additional knowledge and the insights I've gained in
Too Simple: The "Keep It Simple" Swing Program Part II Golf Instruction video.  It will provide the further insights and knowledge that I’ve gained in the ensuing 10 years since the original video was produced in the spring of 2004.  There will also be much more “meat” with regard to swinging drills and understanding what to feel from the swing and how to trouble shoot when mishit and/or misdirected shots occur.  

Filming has been completed and post production and editing are underway.  It will soon be finished and available as a digital download video for Mac and PC computers.

When you preorder, you can request to receive
Golf is Dying: Is Modern Golf Instruction the Cure... or the Culprit? as an added bonus!  This document is a commentary on modern golf instruction that I started writing in November of 2012.  The document is as yet unfinished but I hope to use it as the basis of my golf instruction book that I intend to write in the future.  This file will also give you greater understanding of the concepts of the "Keep It Simple" Swing Program Part I video and the scientific basis of its principles.  When your link to purchase the "Keep It Simple" Swing Program Part II Golf Instruction Video arrives in your inbox, you will have the scientific understanding of why "keeping it simple" really works!